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Business Etiquettes in Puerto Rico
General Titles are very important and it is best to address people directly by using their professional title or and Señor or Señora (Mr and Mrs) or Señorita (Miss) followed the surname. It is not common to bring gifts to an initial business meeting, although they will be welcome. Avoid anything too expensive. If you are invited to an Puerto Rican home, good gifts to bring include, a bottle of wine, flowers, or chocolates. Gifts are usually opened when received. Business Meetings Puerto Ricans tend to be late, even for business meetings. There is usually time allotted for small talk. Meeting agendas are common but not necessarily followed. It is considered acceptable to interrupt someone who is speaking. This may happen a lot and prolong the meeting. Business Negotiations Puerto Ricans value relationship building and harmony so it is important to avoid hard selling, pressure tactics and any sort of conflict or confrontation. Puerto Ricans can become animated when negotiating, be sure to not mistake this for aggression. Decisions are made from the top down and can take sometime. Dressing For men, conservative, dark or medium coloured suits with shirts and conservative ties. Depending on the situation, a guayabera shirt with nice slacks clothing may be okay. As for women, stylish yet classic business suits or dresses and blouses. Most women are made-up and usually wear heels. Jeans and business casual attire are appropriate in some industries. Business Cards It is advisable, although not required, to have one side of your business card translated into Spanish. Present your business card with the Spanish side facing the recipient. There is no specific ritual surrounding the giving of business cards although it is advisable to treat the card with respect.




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